As COVID cases, other viruses continue to rise, SoCal inches closer to a mask mandate

As COVID cases and other viruses continue to rise, the Southland is inching closer to a mask mandate. 

Experts say the combination of COVID, the flu, and RSV is putting an enormous strain on hospitals, especially children’s hospitals which are seeing an influx of RSV cases. 

As well, the CDC says flu levels are off the chart in California, with Los Angeles and Southern California leading the state. There are 10 other states with high infection rates. According to experts, 25 percent of people who tested for the flu in Los Angeles have tested positive. 

But even with viruses on the rise, one expert says that reinstating the mask mandate should be a last resort. 

“I think there is very little political appetite to do this and we’re going to try to not do this as much as possible for the holiday,” said Dr. Peter Chin Hong, a UCSF infectious disease specialist. 

The doctor says Los Angeles could see a mask mandate return because of city thresholds.