America’s top medical schools are becoming woketard indoctrination centers churning out medical morons –

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America’s decline and eventual collapse into the ash heap of history are proceeding apace, as even now our elite medical schools — once focused solely on science-based practice using the latest techniques — are becoming nothing less than propaganda centers for the Marxist far-left, which is using absurd “wokeness” to push racial division that will lead to the destruction of our multicultural nation.

Case in point: Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine. Suddenly, being ‘woke’ is more important than teaching the next generation of physicians how to take care of people without bias.

As reported by City Journal, administrators at the school published an article last year that talked about the institution’s long-running “cultural change initiative” which appeared in the once-prestigious journal Academic Medicine. The piece claims: “We have to go out there and seek the truth, part of which is accepting that, if we are White, we are a big part of the problem. We are part of the reason that structural racism imprisons and oppresses people of color every day, everywhere they go, and no matter what they do.”

Mind you, there are plenty of white apologists on the left, even though few if any of them really have anything legitimate to apologize for (if they feel they must, then maybe they are the real racists, right?). But when statements like this are made, they are made on behalf of all white people, including those of us who don’t have anything to apologize for and are sick and tired of being accused of it.

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You’ve heard African-Americans complain about being stopped by police for the offense of “driving while black”? Well, being stopped by the leftist culture cops for “living while white” is pretty much the same thing and equally offensive and annoying.

In any event, City Journal continued:

The Icahn School of Medicine recently announced an “Anti-Racist Transformation in Medical Education” (ART in MedEd) program, designed to guide other medical schools through their own version of the school’s “culture transformation initiative.” If Icahn’s own efforts are any indicator, these schools will receive a crash course in how to insert concepts like “white fragility,” “microaggressions,” and “white supremacy culture” into medical education.

According to the Academic Medicine article, Icahn achieved its own transformation in part through “Chats for Change,” a “series of monthly activities that spark conversations centered on racism and bias.” Chats for Change, the article notes, covered topics like “My Micro-Aggressions: Received and Delivered,” “White Fragility,” and “Roots of Racism.” Recently, the talks have become even more blatantly ideological, having been redesigned to include “braver and safer” content, such as: “What is Critical Race Theory, and what’s the big deal?”; “What are white supremacy culture characteristics intended to achieve?”; “What is the existence and significance of whiteness?”

Just to remind you, this garbage is being taught by a noted medical school; if it catches on — and it is — then the next generation of physicians is going to be taught to be naturally resentful and suspicious of their white patients, and that’s a huge problem.

“Perhaps most telling is the chat on ‘White Supremacy Culture,’ which is, according to a description, ‘the forbidden fruit,’” City Journal noted, citing the materials (and notice how this is presented as an accepted fact, that “white supremacy culture” does exist and that no laws or constitutional amendments passed over the past two centuries has made any progress at all toward the founders’ vision of equality).

“‘Take a bite and it will give you more knowledge and power than those who are hoarding that power are willing to share,’” the materials continue, as cited by the outlet. “The ultimate goal of the conversation is to determine ‘whether there are ways we can help our colleagues and leaders embrace this concept’—of the pervasiveness of white supremacy, presumably—’without feeding too much into their fragility and right to comfort.’”

Make no mistake, this stuff is pure poison in a multicultural society. But when this BS propaganda is presented to medical practitioners as ‘something to be considered when treating white patients,’ our downfall as a viable country is assured.

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