A Truly Holistic Education at Epsom College in Malaysia

As we look back at 2022, Epsom College in Malaysia is incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our students this year. 63% of all A-Level grades were A* or As, with 1 in 5 students in our graduating Class of 2022 achieving straight A* grades. We have also had successful applications to Cambridge University for the past three consecutive years and a 100% success rate for applications to Russell Group Universities . Our students have shown remarkable character and resilience and we are delighted that they have fulfilled their considerable potential.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following students for their hard work and dedication, winning outstanding awards and accolades in their academic, co-curricular enrichment, sporting and creative endeavours. The future looks bright for these talented individuals!


Elizabeth C.

Edexcel A-Level Further Maths Highest Mark in Asia

Edexcel A-Level Chemistry Highest Mark in the World

Cadence O.

Cambridge A-Level Chinese High Achievement

Super Curricular Programme

Dokyun L.

Chinese Bridge Competition (China Embassy and Kong Zi Institute) Excellence Award

Epsom Debate Team

Malaysian International School Mandarin Debate Tournament 2022 Winners


Adrianna S.

UUMISM-SPORTEXCEL Malaysian Golf 2022 Runner-Up
Best Malaysian Golfer (U12) Girls
MSSM Golf (U12) Runner- Up
MSSM Golf Team (U12) Bronze

Nexus K.

UUMISM-SPORTEXCEL Malaysian Junior Golf 2022 (U11-12) Bronze

Nurfatiha K.

Powerman Competition Winner (13-15yrs)
113 Olympic Distance Triathlon Bronze

Aidan Y.

No. 1 Junior Squash Boys in Selangor

Garrison T.

National (U18) MSSM Negeri Sembilan Basketball Captain

Kyra V.

2022 Sukma Tennis Sabah Team
UTR Tournament at Mouratoglou at Epsom Malaysia, U16 Girls Champion

Aisha A.

Spartan Race Sprint 2022 U14-17 Winner and Runner-up for All-Females
Spartan APAC Championship Phuket Age Category Champion and 8th in All-Females

Haneesha V.

No. 1 Junior Squash Girls in Negeri Sembilan
CIMB Foundation National Junior Girls (U15) Champion

Borneo Junior Open 2022 (U15) Runner-Up

Riona Y.

Tennis Malaysia Junior Tour SportExcel 2022
U12 Doubles Semi-finalist UTR Tournament at Mouratoglou at Epsom Malaysia

U12 Girls Semifinalist

Shino Y.

Tennis Malaysia Junior Tour SportExcel 2022

U10 Singles Champion Hatyai International Junior Tennis Championships
U8 Singles Champion


Callista L.

KL DanceSport Junior 1 Champion in Solo Rumba, Paso Doble, Cha Cha, Jive and runner up in Solo Samba


Anna O.

Euroasia Strings 2022 Runner Up
Euroasia Youth Music Festival 2022 Runner up

Message from Epsom’s Headmaster

We work hard to be positive influences in our students’ lives, nurturing relationships that become the cornerstone of a student’s happiness and fulfillment. At Epsom, everything that we do is focused on our three core priorities to Nurture, Educate and Inspire. As a boarding school, we are a close-knit community – teachers and pastoral staff live on campus and eat with our students on a daily basis, fostering these strong ties very early on. Part and parcel of our jobs as educators is to ensure that every child who walks through our doors feels seen, noticed and heard and is not just another cog in a well-oiled machine.

At our teachers’ meetings at the start of the school year, I always emphasise the importance of positivity and authenticity and encourage our teachers to share their personal experiences with students. Why do they love teaching their respective subjects? Why did they choose to teach Physics, Biology, Geography or a particular subject? Our students are naturally inquisitive, curious and intelligent and this exchange helps to foster closer ties that ultimately inspire our students to want to learn more.

You can’t force students to learn, and you cannot fake passion. Our role as teachers is to do all we can to create the environment, the values and the ethos that enables them to flourish and grow into independent and creative thinkers, making the right decisions along the way. As Headmaster, I ensure that we have the best, qualified teachers who are genuinely passionate about their subjects and have the innate desire to help students to reach their full potential.

We are excited to see what the New Year will bring!

Matthew Brown