A holistic comment | Money Management

During his regular Sunday in front of the tele, Outsider’s ears pricked up when he heard a familiar sound from the other side of the house.

Perhaps it was the sound’s distinctly monotone pitch that reminded Outsider of his days spent watching advisers speaking at webinars.

Whatever the case, Outsider’s curiosity grew until it surpassed his natural laziness threshold, forcing him to take a break from ABC’s The Business and investigate the source of the droning sound.

As he got further down the hallway, Outsider heard those beautiful words taking him back to his happy place.

“It was a holistic comment” the voice said, “Do you see us having longevity in our relationship”.

‘Holistic’, ‘longevity’, could it be true?

Could Mrs O have found a new interest in financial advice webinars? Had she finally understood how interesting financial advice could be?

In a state of pure bliss with thoughts of a new dimension to his relationship, Outsider asked Mrs O what she was watching on TV.

Quicker than his neurons could fire to create new pathways, Mrs O replied: “Shut up, I’m watching MAFS. Jack the financial planner is about to get his heart broken”.