A Dietetics graduate highlights the importance of Holistic Nutrition

Dealing with lifestyle disorders can be soul-draining with so many medications, lab reports, doctor visits, and what not! But, what if there is another perspective to look at it? Let me help you see through it.

Being a Nutrition student, I study the scientific and clinical aspects of several diseases, but I always felt there is something more to health until I came across the ‘Holistic Nutrition’ approach. I realised health is not only about diet and exercise but about many other areas of life as well which affect our well-being including our mindset and subconscious mind. Emotional, Mental, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Career, and Health (Diet & Lifestyle) are the seven key areas of life where all of us should focus on.

I also believe how it’s important to address the “root cause — cause of the causes” instead of just treating the “symptoms”. It’s as good as quick fixing the leaf of the plant when the problem lies in the roots. This is where Holistic Nutrition comes into the frame.

Being a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Student myself, I believe in travelling through the client’s journey to help them reach their destination by establishing personal accountability and guiding them with the right knowledge is important. The journey with them of transforming their lives keeps getting beautiful along the way as I passionately look forward to delving deep into it from the very first session for detailed history procurement by actually adopting the case so that I have a sense of belonging by being a non-judgemental coach, who has the honest curiosity to study the person and has genuine interest to help the clients bring tremendous changes in themselves. This is a continuous learning process and I enjoy getting to learn something new every single day!

Therefore, I want to encourage and urge students and healthcare professionals to learn and develop the skills for adopting the holistic approach. I believe, we, young medical professionals and students being the future of our country, can altogether bring better changes, establish positive results by inculcating and encouraging holistic approach, and can provide better value service to help patients fight back against diseases.

(Kreena Sanjay Nagda is a post-graduate in Dietetics and a Holistic Nutrition Coach)

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Published on: Saturday, February 19, 2022, 07:00 AM IST