10 Great TV Dramas Everyone Forgot Existed

TV dramas are very versatile and can cover a wide range of stories and topics, allowing various audiences to enjoy them. The best drama series have captivating characters who seem effortless and authentic, as well as solid settings and dialogue to teleport the viewers into the fictional world.

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With so many great dramas available, fans might watch a show and then instantly forget about it. Despite a show’s loyal fanbase or critical acclaim, it can be pushed to the side by newer cultural phenomenons. However, most of these forgotten dramas have reinvented their respective genres and paved the way for many mainstream productions.

10/10 Psych Changes The Detective Formula

Shawn, Juliet, and Gus looking off to the side with horses behind them - Psych

Psych is a light-hearted investigative procedural that puts a comedic spin on the genre. However, viewers were more intrigued by other gritty police procedurals, making Psych less memorable in comparison.

Instead of being a serious crime show, Shawn Spencer and his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster open up a psychic detective agency that helps the police force. As the Psych agency gains notoriety, the crime-fighting duo begins investigating international cases. Psych’s reinvention of the genre gave way to its successful eight-season run and a movie series.

9/10 Hart Of Dixie Is A Feel-Good Drama

Hart of Dixie - Zoe and Wade talking beside a lantern

Throughout its four-season run, Hart of Dixie was a comfort show for many fans who could unwind with the small-town setting. Like with other The CW shows, viewers were used to the revolving door of cancelations and introductions of new shows, allowing them to easily find newer comfort shows. This meant Heart of Dixie was quickly forgotten.

The drama follows Dr. Zoe Hart, whose dreams of becoming a heart surgeon in New York City are crushed. Determined to practice medicine and not wallow in self-pity, Zoe moves to rural Alabama to become a general practitioner. Like a charming Hallmark movie, the town is full of welcoming people who ease Zoe’s transition and help her discover more about herself.

8/10 Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Puts A Surreal Spin On Investigative Dramas

Dirk and Todd surrounded by lit lightbulbs - Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

The light-hearted drama Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency revolves around the eccentric Dirk Gently, a “holistic detective” who’s experienced in solving bizarre cases by exploring the interrelatedness of events. Although the premise is memorable, Dirk Gently only garnered a small loyal following before the end of its two-season run.

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Dirk pulls Todd Brotzman away from his simple life and pushes him into the world of sci-fi and fantasy. The simple cases they investigate lead them to a covert CIA project that might hold the secret to Dirk’s abilities.

7/10 Alias Brings More Female Protagonists To The Screen

Sydneys different disguises as seen in Alias

The 2000s produced many spy thrillers that reinvented the genre, and Alias is one of the earliest series to include more female leads. Despite its groundbreaking efforts, once a new spy drama came to the screen, it replaced the hype surrounding Alias and other older productions.

Jennifer Garner gives a mesmerizing performance as secret agent Sydney Bristow. The double agent assumes multiple identities to keep her cover safe as she continues to steal state secrets. Alias has all the making of an action-packed series, including high-tech equipment, espionage, and epic fight sequences. However, the show started to unravel in later seasons.

6/10 Roswell Is A Hidden Edgy Teen Drama

Rosewell - Liz, Max, Isabel, and Michael by a fence

Despite the star power of Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr, Roswell remains a distant memory to many viewers. Roswell was unable to compete with teen drama staples like Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Based on Melinda Metz’s novel, Roswell High, the series revolves around teens in Roswell. The town is known for its extraterrestrial sightings, but the teens soon discover that it’s more than a legend. On top of their daily struggles, some protagonists are aliens with special powers. The multi-layered production uses sci-fi to elevate its romance, humor, mystery, and drama. Although forgotten, the series inspired a reboot, Roswell, New Mexico, almost two decades later.

5/10 Deadwood Remains One Of The Grittiest TV Westerns

al swearengen deadwood

Deadwood is one of the best Western series to date, winning multiple awards in its three-season run. The well-researched historical drama takes place in South Dakota during the 1870s. Deadwood explores the city’s addition to the state and its growth.

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The 2000s were a competitive time for network shows; technological advancements and the mainstreaming of many genres created unexplored territories. Despite Deadwood’s gritty Western premise, it was abruptly canceled due to a financial dispute, removing it from the competition against other household names.

4/10 Motive Works Backward To Solve Cases

Motive - Angie and Oscar on a scene

Motive is a unique crime drama that shows fans the victim and killer at the start of every episode. Instead of trying to figure out who committed the murder, fans must try to figure out the motive. Angie Flynn and her investigative team shift their focus to the “why” of the crime as they put the criminals away.

Canadian shows usually don’t get the limelight. After Motive’s four-season run, the series was not available on the major streaming services. Unfortunately, this made it easily forgettable.

3/10 Freaks And Geeks Is A Timeless Portrayal Of Teen Angst

The teens from Freaks and Geeks sit on the gym bleachers

Fans consider Freaks and Geeks one of the best teen dramas, but audiences still forget about this brief series. It often gets overshadowed by longer-running or newer teen shows. The cult classic follows two opposing high school cliques who occasionally help each other. Sam Weir is part of the “geeks” with his two best friends, Bill and Neal, who enjoy technology and mathematics. The three boys try to survive their first year in high school but often stand out.

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Sam’s older sister, Lindsay, used to be a “geek” but is now accepted by the “freaks,” who spend most of their time skipping school and partying. The coming-of-age drama has many stars, including Jason Segel, Busy Philipps, Seth Rogen, and James Franco, and it’s a shame that it’s been forgotten.

2/10 Good Girls Revolt Explores The Fight For Gender Equality

Good Girls Revolt - Patti, Jane, and Cindy

Good Girls Revolt is a period drama that’s set during the beginning of second-wave feminism in the U.S., focussing on female writers working at the News of the Week Magazine. When Patti, Jane, and Cindy get fed up with the discriminatory work environment, they start a lawsuit to gain equal employment rights. However, the more the women fight for equality, the more their loved ones encourage them to stay out of trouble and accept the status quo.

Although Good Girls Revolt discussed important issues and had a stellar cast, it was canceled after the removal of Roy Price from Amazon Studios. The series was then forgotten due to the new productions on the streaming service, but its small yet dedicated fanbase tried to revive the show.

1/10 Firefly Changes The Portrayal Of Space Operas

Mal and Zoe stand on the ship in Firefly

Although Firefly is highly regarded in the sci-fi scene, it is left out of the mainstream discussion due to its niche audience and premature cancelation. The space Western shares the same creator, Joss Whedon, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Despite its short run, Firefly immersed fans into its incredible world with detailed world-building.

Firefly revolves around the crew of Serenity, a spaceship that is led by Sergeant Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and his second in command, Corporal Zoë Washburne. To survive the war, the crew takes on odd jobs around the galaxy, which often leaves them in trouble.

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